Monday, October 18, 2010

Understanding Loneliness.

Another milestone in Him. What did I learn today? His prompting towards the word loneliness led me to look it up, and look where it brought me.   I discovered my own neediness and loneliness.

The concept that loneliness might be a gift from the Lord is foreign to me.  It is true though, that all through my walk loneliness has driven me to the Throne of Grace. Sometimes in anger, sometimes in self righteousness, sometimes on my face and in tears.

Today I have found a new route in my journey to the heart of God. It seems it always existed but only now have I received understanding and revelation.

So what am I I want this or not...well why not? Anything to get closer to Him right?

No, not so right.  I am cringing inside at the pain of this journey. But I am reminded that even Jesus was lonely especially when most of His loved ones deserted Him. He endured it for me, He knows what I am going through and it gives me a feeling of oneness with Him. We are in this together.

In his loneliness, David cries out to God in Psalm 25:16 "Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted."  I figured that the appropriate response to loneliness would be to cry out to God. He has never failed to answer me, to fill my void with His unfailing love and unwavering friendship.

So where to from here Lord.....what is the next stop in this journey. It's been an exciting 8 years of discovery in the Lord this month.

My heart tells me It can only get better and richer and deeper.

In Hot Pursuit

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